XF 1.1 Guests are Damaged

Alright, so I am new to XenForo but a 'savvy' with forums and what not... I was messing with the permissions for a Forum, and I accidentally clicked what I've now realized was the general Permissions for the whole forum for Guests / Unactivated (or whatever they're called) users. I logged off to test it and I got an IIS 'permissions' related error as shown below:

"403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.
You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied."

Here's a screenshot of it:

Anyway I was wondering if there is like a SQL Query you can give me for the default permissions of guests and associated user groups because I couldn't find a 'Default Settings' button anywhere so I have no idea what to set it to. Or a list of the default settings, I tried to fix them by changing them but we're still getting the error.



We use IIS7 which seems to give errors off for all types of different reasons, eg. the default error handler in xenForo, vBulletin and myBB doesn't work and gives off 403 and 500 errors, so is it possible for you or someone else to provide an SQL for the default / unregistered usergroup?

Jonty McIntyre


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Set up an online demo and you can check there: Admin Demo

Then you can navigate directly to forum/admin.php and you should be able to log in and change them.