Great so Far!


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Hey guys, Keep up the great work you are doing here.
I've been with vBulletin since 2004 and dropped all licenses after the 4.0 fiasco. I am currently over at IPB. But I guarantee you that once XenForo is up and running with a sale that I'll be one of the first in line to purchase a license.

Do we have any idea on a price range for the product?


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IMO, I think they will take into consideration what added features (some call bloat, lol), competitors forum-only package offers compared to what XF 1.o will have, and price fairly for the initial release. Once xenForo has the additional features, then the price will be more in line with the competitions. *

* all speculation on my part, but it does seem fair for potential clients and for Mike and Kier.


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Yeh, let's hope so, more than 1000 dollars would be a little hard to pay for me personally.