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Got Gold?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
My test site is running 1.0.

Once again a flawless upgrade. Finally I can knuckle down and make the push to get my live site running :)


Well-known member
Not running it live just yet, but proud to have been one of the very first to download it. :D Will go live with it later today, but right now I gotta get to work!


Well-known member
i wont update for at least a week.
gives me time to see what addons need updating and gives the coders time to make any updates.


Its stable its good, some addons are not working anymore, i still love my xenForo like hell, eveybody done a real good job but....
;) Always a but o_O

...i still miss the possibility to embed Vids in RSS Feeds:cry::(:cry::cry::notworthy: