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Unmaintained Google Table Generator 0.91

Excel template that creates BBcode to insert google API tables in your forum

  1. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

    Moses submitted a new resource:

    Google Table Generator (version 0.9) - Excel template that creates BBcode to insert google API tables in your forum

    Read more about this resource...
  2. principia

    principia Well-Known Member

    Nice work.
    But the table with 6 and 8 columns are not working.
  3. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    The .zip is also missing the Google table script.

    This is essentially just a repost of my table BB Code so I would drop the Google from the title.
  4. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

    can you email me the .xlsx - PC sent

    Either I'm confused or we're on different pages here - I thought you had two table implementations - one using custom BBCode that pumped out static HTML tables, and the other that required hand-crafted HTML for someone familiar with HTML, CSS and JS?

    This application uses Excel to generate custom BBCode which displays tables using the Google Visualisation API.
  5. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

    There is a file in the .zip called "BBCode Google API Tables v0.9.xlsx" - open this in Excel and it'll generate the Google table script
  6. principia

    principia Well-Known Member

    after testing it myself (first tests are done by my moderator) i found no errors.
    sorry for that.
    Moses likes this.
  7. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

  8. jackrouse

    jackrouse Member

    This is not generating a table at all for me, this is what I get :
    [gtable_top=500][/gtable_top][gtable_add_row_count]8[/gtable_add_row_count][gtable_add_col=string][gtable_add_col=integer]Names[/gtable_add_col][/gtable_add_col][gtable_add_col=number][gtable_add_col=integer]Post Sart[/gtable_add_col][/gtable_add_col][gtable_add_col=number][gtable_add_col=integer]Post end[/gtable_add_col][/gtable_add_col][gtable_add_col=number][gtable_add_col=integer]Pred Corr[/gtable_add_col][/gtable_add_col][gtable_add_col=number][gtable_add_col=integer]Pred Wrng[/gtable_add_col][/gtable_add_col][gtable_add_col=number][gtable_add_col=integer]Total[/gtable_add_col][/gtable_add_col][gtable_add_data=0, 0]'Jack'[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=0, 1]1100[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=0, 2]3007[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=0, 3]121[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=0, 4]136[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=0, 5]417.7[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=1, 0]'Robbo'[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=1, 1]433[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=1, 2]877[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=1, 3]83[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=1, 4]72[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=1, 5]221.4[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=2, 0]'RJH'[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=2, 1]0[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=2, 2]199[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=2, 3]38[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=2, 4]34[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=2, 5]99.9[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=3, 0]'Lim'[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=3, 1]170[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=3, 2]1092[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=3, 3]93[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=3, 4]101[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=3, 5]270.2[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=4, 0]'ReddevilinAZ'[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=4, 1]58[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=4, 2]656[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=4, 3]82[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=4, 4]91[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=4, 5]214.8[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=5, 0]'Famous Uj'[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=5, 1]407[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=5, 2]446[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=5, 3]5[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=5, 4]5[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=5, 5]13.9[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=6, 0]'ErogenousOwen'[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=6, 1]0[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=6, 2]67[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=6, 3]3[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=6, 4]6[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=6, 5]9.7[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=7, 0]'Tindris'[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=7, 1]0[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=7, 2]19[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=7, 3]4[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=7, 4]5[/gtable_add_data][gtable_add_data=7, 5]8.9[/gtable_add_data][gtable_end=table_name_6col]table_name_6col[/gtable_end] 
    this is what I am trying to display :

    Post Start Post End Pred corr Pred Wrng Total
    Jack 1100 3007 121 136 417.7
    Robbo 433 877 83 72 221.4
    RJH 0 199 38 34 99.9
    Lim 170 1092 93 101 270.2
    ReddevilinAZ 58 656 82 91 214.8
    Famous Uj 407 446 5 5 13.9
    ErogenousOwen 0 67 3 6 9.7
    Tindris 0 19 4 5 8.9
  9. jackrouse

    jackrouse Member

    Apologies, this is now working fine, I was being too impatient, you have to wait a few moments, I find I have to refresh my browser then the table appears
  10. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

    I find the same thing - while normal posts will appear with AJAX when you click post, this requires the javascript to load with the page for it to show.
  11. liquidox

    liquidox Member

    How would I do this:

    I don't see an option in the BBCode manager to "disable HTML parsing" :(
  12. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

    The start replacement in gtable_top needs to be edited

    If you want to disable HTML in tables, change it from this
    <script type='text/javascript' src='https://www.google.com/jsapi'></script>    <script type='text/javascript'>      google.load('visualization', '1', {packages:['table']});      google.setOnLoadCallback(drawTable);      function drawTable() {        var css = {'headerRow': 'cta_table_row_header','tableRow': 'cta_table_row','oddTableRow': 'cta_table_row_odd','selectedTableRow': 'cta_table_row_selected','hoverTableRow': 'cta_table_row_hover','headerCell': 'cta_table_cell_header','tableCell': 'cta_table_cell','rowNumberCell': 'cta_table_cell_number' };  var options = {'cssClassNames': css,'allowHtml': true,'width': '%spx'};
    to this
    <script type='text/javascript' src='https://www.google.com/jsapi'></script>    <script type='text/javascript'>      google.load('visualization', '1', {packages:['table']});      google.setOnLoadCallback(drawTable);      function drawTable() {        var css = {'headerRow': 'cta_table_row_header','tableRow': 'cta_table_row','oddTableRow': 'cta_table_row_odd','selectedTableRow': 'cta_table_row_selected','hoverTableRow': 'cta_table_row_hover','headerCell': 'cta_table_cell_header','tableCell': 'cta_table_cell','rowNumberCell': 'cta_table_cell_number' };  var options = {'cssClassNames': css,'allowHtml': false,'width': '%spx'};
  13. jackrouse

    jackrouse Member

  14. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

    Yep, it's based off the colours in your theme,
    to switch them around you can edit the piece in extra.css
    Which bit did you want to change?

    I reckon it looks pretty good on your site with one change - the text colour in the column headings changed to white. To achieve this, edit extra.css and change the color attribute in .cta_table_cell_header to #ffffff

    .cta_table_cell_header {color: #ffffff;}
  15. StRonK

    StRonK Active Member

    error :( (bbcode_gtable_top.xml)
    Please enter a value using 250 characters or fewer.
  16. ioneti

    ioneti Active Member

    me too
  17. ioneti

    ioneti Active Member

  18. Ramses

    Ramses Member

    See here
    But at all it doesn't work for me.
    It's not parsing anything.
  19. tajhay

    tajhay Well-Known Member

    This is an old addon and should be deleted.

    Waindigo has an addon that generates tables. Search for it. Either that or start using BBCodes for it. Brogan has a resource containing bbcodes to create tables.

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