Google Chrome & Vanilla Extension - white listing domain cookies


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This works really well, but by definition, anyone that would want this functionality would want to manage cookies locally (I cannot tell if that is done via another website or locally).

And of course it is basic enough that it should be in Chrome by default. Unless I am missing something, while there are various options for 'allowing' cookies, there are no methods to keep a white list of sites and still allow all other sites to place cookies (and function)

I found this, which eventually lead me to the above links
I like the ability in Firefox to allow unlimited cookie "activity," but then have the browser delete everything except for a few sites that are on a whitelist. I would love to see this option available in a future version of Chrome. The whitelist would let me keep cookies for forums that I frequent. "Blocking all cookies" just won't let certain sites function; deleting all cookies via the "Clear browsing data" option wipes them all out.