XF 2.2 Google analytics v4 breaking XF's overlay functionality


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With Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) going away in typical google fashion, there is the new Google Analytics v4. Except on enabling GA4 and linking it to the existing UA setup, it has completely broken XF's overlay feature.

What is happening is there is an auxclick/click handling being installed which causes mouse clicks to bypass javascript handlers on links. This means forward and backwards buttons are triggering link navigation.

How do I make this insanity stop?
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I believe I've found the issue, one of the options for gtag.js is it mutates link handling.

SITE > Web stream details > Enhanced measurement > Outbound clicks

This feature interacts weirdly and causes navigation events to occur on forward/back buttons.


@Xon thank you for posting this. it's been driving my members insane for the last couple of days, especially when quoting a post or trying to navigate to their alerts on the current page but not wanting to leave the content they are reading.
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