Going to my new job tomorrow


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Congrats if that is your desire.
Personally, I preferred laborer since I generally learned more skills I could use later.
But there is something to be said about Air Conditioning.....and heating.


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Very kewl! I'm happy that you got a job you'll enjoy. I worked in banking for a few years, and it was rewarding.
You'll learn many skills that will be useful in other job markets as well.

Jose Amaral Mota

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I'm so excited I got an entry level job at a bank. I've been working as laborer at various place and this is big change for me. :D
Did that for 18 months, but I was just re leaving staff that is and or will be going on vacation... 12/14hrs per day 6days weeks. (Not going to see hours like that from any hourly bank teller). If you like it later, then make sure you get the education to become a manager, as that is where it becomes easier... Enjoy your new experience.... :)


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Congrats :), I started as a bank teller five years ago and have since been promoted 3 times, I'm happy where I'm at now and still deciding on the next step.

The banks been a fun experience... lots.... and lots.... of sales(depending on the bank you're going too).


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Congrats, I know a cousin that worked at a bank.

Enjoy it while it lasts, because this economy is crazier. I used to be able to find a job in a down economy, but not this time.


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Way to go! In today's job market you have to be VERY qualified to land a job. Just about any company that posts a job will have potential candidates lined up around the block.

Best of luck!