Third party Getting logged out when using Facebook Login on the forums here


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The forums were updated as it seems, and now I experience a bug related to Facebook feature. I was editing a post, upon saving i got hit by a red error message stating that I don't have the rights to do this action and I must log inn to continune. HUH? I refreshed the page, and I was logged out. Although I got automatically logged back in, the same issue just happened when I marked a forum read.

Using latest build of Opera. This issue has not been there this morning.


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Was it just that once? Given that you're posting again now...

Note that with Facebook, if your XF session expires (after inactivity), you will be logged out until you view the next page and Facebook gives us a new token. No real way around that.


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This happens multiple times, for example when viewing this topic I got logged out... its tricky, its happens randomly.

I will try to post a capture ASAP.