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General Chatter


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I've never, ever showcased any forums on any platform - started out using phpNuke and phpbb in my teens before spending a decade or so ago onto vBulletin - so bare with me if I waffle on here!

Anyway, I've been a member of xenforo for a wee while now, started off on an associated license that @Kevin let me use so I could play around with the software then I finally bought my own license late last year.

I've created my "playground"; I call it that because it is a place where I can muck around and learn stuff whilst having a small community. I don't create websites looking for a mass influx of members...I know 95% of the people on my site (we only have 28 members so far) and its a place where they can chat, discuss topics, play arcade games, post images/videos etc in a relaxed environment - I don't really care about popularity, number of members or posts etc.

My site is based around UI.X framework by @Mike Creuzer and the "most prominent" addons are TV Thread Starter and Movie Thread Starter addons by @Snog and Featured Threads/Portal by @Brogan. I'm also running both galleries, one for images and one for videos and a host of excellent addons by @Bob - I've changed his Showcase addon into a Recipe Book (I'll be working on that soon) and I've also got AD Credits running.

homepage.jpg forumindex.png tvthreads.png profilepage.jpg

The final piece of the jigsaw is the arcade, I've run arcade systems on nearly every site I've built and although this one is quite limited in features I've managed to get it looking "fairly" decent and my members love spending free time playing some games.

arcade.png arcade1.jpg

I'm sure people will pick up on errors or tell me things don't look right but as I said it's my playground, my place to learn things and also have some banter with friends - nothing more than that.

I'm quite happy with how my site looks, feel free to have a look around - http://www.generalchatter.co.uk

One final thank you to @Sheldon who has helped me with a few css issues that I couldn't work out myself, if you're not already a member check out http://www.xfuniverse.com - there's a ton of tutorials and advice available.
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Mike Creuzer

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Thank you, your framewok is so easy to work with and it makes it pretty easy to put ideas into practice. Only "fault" is I can't stop tinkering with it :)
Well please don't stop, you are doing a fantastic job! :D Im of the school of thought that, well, one can always make some improvements to any project they have. Sure, there is a point to stop, but if you are learning and having fun while doing it then I don't see why you should! :D

Great job again :)


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hey @Gemma your site is awesome! I love it congrats!
Anyway I found a small bug (external, fortunately) that you have to solve asap :coffee: is easy, don't worry :coffee:
The link of General Chatter in your signature here in Xenforo Community R 2015-03-03 at 18.50.01.jpg :coffee:


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hey @Gemma your site is awesome! I love it congrats!
Thanks a lot. Its great to be able to take some of my ideas, put them into practice and actually have people like them.

I'm member btw. There are some small issue with the tooltips.
it should be show up above of each avatar:
View attachment 100137
Thanks again, simple bit of css fixed it but I've actually changed the layout. Wasn't too keen on having the avatars displaying.


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For those asking, the arcade is available on xfrocks.com - it looks like it is now unsupported so I wouldn't recommend using it unless you know what you are doing.


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Finally removed the last ******* product I had installed - Profile Covers - after coming up with some suitable styling for an alternative :)

Happy now. All I need to do is attract new members :D


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After all the issue with ******* I've purchased more addons there.
I have no reasons to remove any of that addons. anyway, that's another topic. sorry xdd.
What addon to the profile cover are you using? looks really awesome! I like it.


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Played around some more today and created some sidebar blocks for latest discussions and additions to the TV / Movies threads. I'm quite happy with the results because its something I tried when I was testing XenForo on an associate license and I couldn't get it to work properly. So maybe I'm learning something whilst I'm doing all this tinkering. Anyway, I've added a screenshot (apologies for the poor quality), if anyone wants a look it is on my portal page and forum index....

Wow! I like your forum! Its the only forum I've seen with this much customization so far. You've done an awesome job with it ;)

I'd like to learn more about those Forum listings for the shows like, Agents of SHIELD etc. Any tips for that?


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Gemma, I have to compliment you on what you've done. Sheldon's site was the #1 customized site in my mind up until now. Your general chatter site has taken over that standing now. :D

Your site is the perfect example of what can be done with a base XenForo install and add-ons that you've customized for your vision of what your site should look like. (y)