Games your Playing?


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What games are you currently playing, I am playing the following games.

  1. World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade / Wrath of the Lich King / Cataclysm [PC]
  2. Starcraft 2 [PC]
  3. Dragon Age - Origins / Awakening [PC]
  4. Bioshock 2 [PC]
  5. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light [PC]


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My PS3 isn't working so I am playing Resident Evil 4 for gamecube, I'm trying to get 4 stars for each of the 4 levels in mercenaries.

I guess it pays to be a gamer for a long time, in case another dies. :(

Fred Sherman

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Fable 3
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
And waiting impatiently for Dragons Age II. Not so much for Mass Effect 3.


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Decided to have a go at world of warcraft but was far too "Go here, do this. Go here, do this." etc etc


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Finishing up all the races in Forza 3 career mode (there's close to a thousand of them...) on my 360, and playing a lot of Bejeweled 3 lightning mode on PC.


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Wii Fit is about the only game I ever play these days lol

Mods - Please could you edit this thread title to read Games you're playing?

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and from November/Dezember until February the SkiChallenge (every Year), it's an austrian Game.

And some iPhone-Games like: Cut the Rope, Doodle Grub, Doodle Jump or Angry Birds...


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Entropia Universe, Just Cause 2, LOTRO, Diablo 2 :D

Probably will soon buy me Civ5 as well.
I use to play Diablo 2 until there became to many cheats and hackers, does it still happen. Where you can get eth swords and map hacks and stuff? I hope Diablo 3 stops all this stuff.