FTP Problem

I am kind of a novice when it comes to FTP'ing. I am know JUST enough to get around some, and add some add-on's and upgrades. Even then I run in to problems, like now.

I was going down my list of add-on's to upgrade in my AdminCP. All was fine for several upgrades, then I got down to one and I got it all screwed up because I somehow duplicated the uploads folder. A friend helped me get my server folders cleaned back up and thought it was just a drag/drop accident.

Today, tried to get back to business, and every time I try to move folders, a duplicate sub-folder creates.

I am using my iMac and I have my local finder window open with the files in it I want to upgrade. Then sitting right beside it, I have my CyberDuck window open with the coordinating server files. So no matter what add-on folder I try to move to it's coordinating folder, it creates a sub-folder underneath. I have made SURE when moving from local to server that I am (for example) clicking on "Js" folder on local (which then has files and folders inside it) and dragging it over to "Js" on server and making sure that when dragging it over I have it hovered over the top of the "Js" folder on server until it is totally highlighted before letting go and dropping it in to folder. Normally it asks me if I want the folder "overwritten" but if I recall, it's not asking me. It transfers, and then when I go look all looks fine. But then if I open the "Js" folder, it will have ANOTHER "Js" folder INSIDE of it. If you click on the second one, it has all the files and folders in it as well. So it's duplicating as subfolders. I am not sure why. I haven't knowingly changed any settings, as it seemed to be working fine and letting me upgrade my add ons the other day, and then it seems out of the blue, it started doing this. It doesn't matter what add on, or folder, it does the same thing every time.
Nevermind... I figured out a different method for uploading using Cyberduck. It's actually much easier than how I was doing it before with manually dragging/dropping.


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The way you have described it, you were adding the js folder to the js folder.

You should drag the js folder and drop it into the window which contains the js folder, not on top of the js folder.