Forum spam / has my Forum been hacked ?


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one suspicious person / spammer registered at my Forum.
the mail of the spammer seems to well known among froum-admins as I saw some posts at other forum that this is a wellknown scam.
the email is:

Now I am afraid that this person has put some dangerous software into my Forum, as some notification-e-mails on "Private Conversations" on my forum are working anymore.

Any idea of how to check whether my Forum has been hacked or infiltrated with malicious software ?

Appreciate your help.


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How should someone registering on your forum get access to your server? Ask your admin to dig through the log files and to compare the Xenforo files to the original files.

Jake Bunce

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I see no evidence of hacking based on what you have said. The email doesn't mean anything other than he is a spammer. And there is no reason to think that an email problem is the result of hacking.

I have a lot of experience with hacked forums. If your forum was hacked then it would be obvious. The forum would be defaced or threads deleted. Or you would be locked out of your admin account. A hacker isn't going to break into your forum just to cause an obscure email problem.

There is no diagnostic to determine if a forum has been hacked. But there is no need to be concerned based on what you have said.


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I have to agree with Jake, if someone hacked your forum you would notice a lot more than a simple email function that is not responding.


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Thanks guys for your feedback, I have localized the issue and deleted the spammer as well.