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XF 1.2 Forum not showing in "New Post" list


Well-known member

I've geting an error i my "New Posts" listing. The forum name is not showing. The image below was capured using the default style and language - no templates werechanged.


Any ideas?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
It's most likely to be caused by an add-on.

Possibly one that modifies the thread list item ... It seems you might have a post ratings add-on or similar (the bottom thread has an icon that isn't default).

Try disabling some add-ons and see if you can work out which one is causing the forum to disappear.


Well-known member
I've just applied the new post indicator in threadlist with post ratings using the icons in the forum_view page and it works fine. Did you modify the CSS in the EXTRA.CSS template or check that there's no typos like a missing "}" or ";" ?

Edit: I think I misread your post, sorry.



Well-known member
@Shelley in your print scrren the forum name of the thread does not appear (like mine), that's the problema. The forum of the thread should appear right after the thread starter and date, right?