Fixed Format text and then insert a link


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Affected version
2.2 Beta 3 (Reproduced here)
Make it bold or italic and then insert a link.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Type a sentence or paragraph out.
2) Select the word or phrase you want to use as an anchor link.
3) Make it bold, italicized, etc.
4) While it's still "highlighted", click the link icon in the editor toolbar.
5) Insert the hyperlink into URL.
6) Hit the "Insert" button.

It will not be turned into a link and must be duplicated 1 more time in that order starting from step 2 and skipping step 3.

This appears to function just fine on 2.1.x, even if the text isn't "highlighted" or selected between the movement from the bold button to the link button.

(Chrome Version 84.0.4147.125 (Official Build) (64-bit))


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I haven't been able to reproduce this with Chrome 85 / macOS so far.
I don't know if it's the same between Win 10 and MacOS, but this surely isn't the case with Chrome Version 85.0.4183.83 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Can anybody else replicate what @Kier did, even on this forum, and the "link" remain bold (i.e., not inserted)?


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A link to Wondercafe2

Tried @frm's instructions on the sentence above. First time I got the effect described (URL tags and link did not get inserted). But when I edited and tried to insert the link again, it worked. Edge 85.0.564.44 on Windows 10 build 1909.

Second try: This is another link.

Yep, same result. The italicized words should be a link but are not. If I don't unhighlight the passage I italicized/bolded and re-highlight it, it doesn't insert the URL tags, only the formatting tags.
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Chris D

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Yes, I can confirm that appears to be the case. I can no longer reproduce the issue.

The pertinent change is that we updated to Froala 3.2.2 just prior to RC1 being released and there appears to have been a change there which has fixed it.

We'll get this and the Froala issue closed down for now but if the issue persists or you find anything similar, let us know.