Font help please

Hi all, I'm trying without much luck to change a coupe of aspects of my work-in-progress forums fonts.

I want to do a couple of things:

1) Change all the font for messages content (i.e. forum posts) to that of the traditional vB style, as per this forum for example:

I've looked in Style Properties - Message Layout - Content Container as I figure that's where to change it, but I can't work out exactly what I need to put in the Text fields to get the text that's in the link above (especially what needs to go in the font family box)? I also presume I need to change the style to match somewhere else for the text box where members will type out messages?

2) I want to change the font colour of Node (forum) titles and descriptions, and thread titles but seem unable to find where to do that.

I thought that would be in Style Properties - Forum / Node List - Node Title but colour changes I make to text in here don't seem to do anything on the main forum home page.

3) Finally. I've somehow changed the way highlighted links work. On forum posts, they are highlighted yellow, as per the standard XF style when hovered over, but in signatures, the signature text is black and when hovered over, a yellow box still appears, but the text turns white as well so I'm not sure how I've managed to do that!

Any help for this slightly puzzled XF novice appreciated!


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1 - Style Properties -> Message Elements -> Message Text -> Font Family: Verdana, sans-serif

2. Add this to EXTRA.css for the node titles:
.node .nodeTitle a:link,
.node .nodeTitle a:visited {
color: orange;
This is for the description: Style Properties -> General -> Page Description -> Text: Color

3. Could be one or more of these:
Style Properties -> Message Elements -> Signature
Style Properties -> Message Elements -> User-Generated Link
Style Properties -> Message Elements -> User-Generated Link (hover)
Perfect!! All sorted.

Thank you once again. Quickly whilst on the subject of font colour for node titles, what would I need to add to the EXTRA.css to change the colour of the thread titles once in a forum?


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.discussionListItem .title a:link,
.discussionListItem .title a:visited {
color: red;