Flexile theme: Minecraft Splashtext [Paid] [Deleted]

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Flexile theme: Minecraft Splashtext (version 1.0) - Adds a Minecraft splashtext to your Flexiletheme.

Minecraft Splashes for Flexile!


This simple script replaces the normal right content box of Flexile
with flashing random messages just like in your favorite game Minecraft!


- Upload the splash folder onto you webserver
- Include the the files splash/splash.css and splash/splash.js in your page header
- activate you right content box if not already active
- *DONE*!...
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Banana Pup

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I don't understand why this isn't a free release. Oh well, since this is only for Flexile, I hope your giving Erik most of this 3 euro your charging, as donations towards his great skin. Do you have Erik's permission too? I know he does have an agreement in the Flexile folder about reusing and things and considering it uses the Flexile right content written only in his themes, it might include this.