Fixed Firefox 9 beta: no text box on create topic


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Using firefox 9 beta, you will currently be unable to post a new thread as the text box does not appear. You will therefore not be able to add any message content, which will prevent thread creation.

Reply does not seem to be affected, neither is advanced reply.

XF 1.0.4



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A complete absence of the editor suggests a TinyMCE incompatibility. I'll take a look to check that it's not something we're doing in XenForo, but we're not likely to spend a lot of time on it while Firefox 9 is still in beta.


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Yes, I've just tested it here and although it failed to load the first time, a quick refresh and it worked fine.

Can anyone consistently reproduce this?


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Here, even if I refresh the page, still do not appear the text box. Firefox 9, XenForo 1.1 BETA 5:


After a few refreshes:



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I'd be more concerned if this were a stable version of the browser, but it's called Beta for a reason, and there have been a lot of JS changes from what I've read. I don't think there's anything we can do about it, but I'm not going to chase it around with a beta version of the browser.


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I can reproduce it here too. I was unsure that it was a browser issue though and my reasons are this:
  • It works for a reply
  • It works for advanced...more options
  • It works on creating an event on a mod I run
This left me feeling it was a template issue for create new topic.


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This does seem like a browser issue -- it looks like FF9 introduced a new console object (or new code for it), and it kills JS internally if given a bad variable (forced to display as an object). If you have Firebug enabled, you won't see this issue.

In js/xenforo/xenforo.js, the fix is to change:
Code:'Title Element: %o', this.$title);
Code:'Title Element: %o', $title);
Here's the FF bug report now:


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I have Firefox 9 Beta. I did the change you listed then cleared the browser's cache but the text box still does not appear.