Third party FB strange appearance at XF-Members-page


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I just discovered a strange FB-box on my german-language-forum.
At my english-language forum, this issue does not show up.

At the registered members page of my XF-forum, it shows the Facebook-Login-box within the sidebar underneath of "Newest Members", although I am not logged-in into Facebook.

I also refreshed the page, but this box still stays.

Runnig XF 1.0.0 without any customizations.
Same problem over here, running the latest version of xenforo.


I'm logged in into facebook, when i open the page that is showing in a frame on the member page, its giving me the following error on facebook:
oid expected; non-fbid forbidden here: null TAAL[BLAME_file]


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strange thing: I am not even logged-in into Facebook, but it still shows this box on my XF-website.
But strangely it does not show on all of my forums, although all my forums have exactly the same setup (both XF-setup as well as FB-setup).


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I think it may be problems with facebook rather then xenforo, as facebook has been playing up all night and doing strange things.


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I've commented the whole thing out in the member_list template.
I foresee them taking their sweet time about this and it don't look good.
Pardon my ignorance but can you share what and where you commented it out, so I could do the same thing? =)

----- Never mind, a little trial and error and I found it. =) -----