Facebook widgets not working

Ryan Kent

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On most XF sites, including this one, the facebook widgets are not appearing. It is my understanding fb made a change causing this issue. Do you have any update on what we need to change to fix it?

Ryan Kent

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The Share This Page block on the main forum has a white rectangle where the Facebook widget should be. All the default FB widgets seem to be showing up that way on most XF sites.

Also the Members page, the facebook widget that should appear in the sidebar. Actually, you don't need to look farther then replying to this thread. The big white block next to the Tweet widget, that is because of the fb widget. If you go into the ACP and disable fb, all those white blocks disappear.

Ryan Kent

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My apologies. This is embarassing! Please remove this thread from the bug report section. This is definitely not a bug but an issue on my end. I am unsure why but I see all the Facebook widgets as white blocks. Here is what I know:

- a couple days ago all the facebook widgets began appearing as white blocks. I heard fb was having issues and assumed this was related. Any XF site I used, the facebook blocks all appeared as empty white space.

- today after Brogan showed me the widgets were appearing properly, I checked from a Chrome browser on another pc, and the widgets appeared fine. At this point I understood the issue was on my end.

- next I checked an IE browser on the same pc I normally use, and the widgets appeared fine. So apparently my pc is fine (no firewall issues) and the problem is with my FF browser ver 3.6.15. I do have adblock software so I disabled it. Issue remained. Next I disabled the adblock add-on completely, issue remained. Next I went into FF settings and disabled my pop-up blocker, issue remained. I checked all my other FF add-ons and there is nothing new, and nothing that would interfere in any way with facebook. I visited the facebook site and nothing appeared out of the ordinary.

Does anyone have any idea what might cause FF to block these fb widgets?


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I've moved the thread to general troubleshooting.

Try clearing out all cache from Firefox - CTRL+F5 a few times should sort it.

Otherwise check your FF settings for any exceptions you may have set up.

Brett Peters

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I always see the white blocks on XF using chrome but just recently I can view things normally :confused:
Seemed to get the white FB frames on XF when I had not logged into FB for a while

Ryan Kent

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issue resolved, not sure what did it as I cleared everything possible including all exceptions, but the issue is gone. Ty for the suggestions.