Facebook Traffic Channelling


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Thinking of ways to push promoted threads back to your XF site.
Imagine you've created a thread on your forum, you then promote/push it via share/like/recommend to FB.
Is there any way to prevent comments on that story/link on FB, therefore directing the comments, interest and traffic back to your site?

I see this as quite a stumbling block because the Facebook user is already on the FB article with a reply box handy...which is easier? Comment on FB now, quick as a flash or think hmm, maybe I'll add comments to the same thing again on both FB and the site?

The answer is simple: the user is bound to use FB as the commenting ground, which could may well leave you with a singular forum thread with many views (maybe) but little or no responses.
Hmm. :whistle:


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I don't think that is possible unfortunately. However what if you had something like a 'post/contribution of the day/week' sort of thing where you highlight the most insightful post(s) posted on that day to try and encourage them to post on your forum if they want recognition. Won't work for everyone but might for some people.

If combined with a system where people nominate or vote on them then that may further encourage users to transition from Facebook to your forum. I dunno, just an idea. I'm sure there are better approaches though.


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I went through the same thing. I have a page for MVC3Forum, and I've even paid for the ads.

But before I did anything, I took out most of the pages that usually come packaged with the pages themselves, to encourage more clicks to each article that I post on that page. But some people still use the comments box anyway. Some of them "liked" the articles, which equals more views for each article.

So, instead, I just gave up trying to encourage them to post in my site, instead, let the organic traffic come through registration.


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let the organic traffic come through registration.
Yeap, FB: protective of supplied content (and I don't blame them for that) - try outsharing from FB and you'll hit a brick wall...unless it's in a "Post to Profile" or "message to friend"; ergo: still keeping the traffic within FB.
Mmm, clever and not easily overriden.