Facebook Timeline


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As I read it on a news site today you can test the new timeline 7 days before you set it live.
I guess I have to play around at home and check the privacy settings.
I don't really like the user interface. Seems like there's too much going on, and it lacks white space. The actual "timeline" feature is interesting, although visiting the past is a bit weird.


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I don't use facebook much though I have few friends who are much addicted to facebook. I prefer other ways to get connected to them. However, honestly I've tested it and I don't like their upgrade or new development. I feel so many things to see at a time so Google is really innovating. Google is quite familiar than Yahoo. I personally like Google plus more than facebook because of it's good features and it has different features than facebook. I guess it is helpful to some businessman.


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I hate the timeline...and every one of my friends who switched to it, hate it as well. The people at facebook just don't get it anymore.


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I really like the timeline feature. Added it a while ago and it's looking pretty dandy. On the other hand I don't really stay too much on FB anyway, so I don't care too much about this stuff