Facebook Not Connecting

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Something is wrong with the facebook connector

When I try to login (or use the tester in the admincp tools)

I get the error:

The requested page could not be found.

any idea why it would not work?


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In version 1.0.4 - working fine here.

Maybe run a file health check to see if anything is out of place?

I suppose it's possible that it could be just a temporary local issue unless it's been going on for some time.


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Another possibility: Check the links you have setup in your Facebook Application. If one of those links is pointing to a dead space or entered incorrectly, this same error will appear.


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I wasn't sure if I was looking at the right forum... but the one I found was using /community for the forum location. The actual forum was using /forum --- so yeah I kind of though that the App configuration was incorrect since it through a 404 error looking for /community.

Glad/hope it was a simple fix. :)

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ok so it still didnt work, i thought it just needed time to propagate

i ended up making a NEW app

when i test, it GOES to facebook, and itasked for approval, then it sent me to page not found...I hit the back button and it says TEST is SUCCESSFUL

it seems like the CODE INSIDE XEN is redirecting to: xeninstall/community/xxx

I have a plugin and the /community is not a valid directory for xen

how do I resolve this?


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Check your board URL setting in options.

Based on some of your other posts, you seem to be having general problems with 404 errors.

Other that that, it could be an add-on causing the problems.