Facebook-Login / message: Access token


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I have set-up the Facebook-Login for my XF-Forum several months ago.
Now I just logged in into my FB-account for my FB-apps (for FB-Login) and it says in a red-colored box:

Access token:
You need to grant permissions to your app to get an access token.

What should I do with this ?

Appreciate your help!


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I now clicked onto this link for "Access token" at Facebook-Developer-apps, and it says that my token will expire in one hour.
Not sure what this does or means....?


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yeah sure, FB-integration is working fine since several months with my XF-forum.
Never had any issues and still do not have any issues.

But I just saw this "Facebook token" at the Facebook website and it looks like a warning-sign, so I was wondering what this is all about......


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Well as it's related to Facebook, you would be better off asking on their support forums.