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Partial fix Editor forces newline


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When copy pasting any text within the textbox of the new editor, it forces insertion of a blank line: i.e. newline, BOTH above and below it.
This is extremely disruptive as usually when pasting you place the pointer exactly where you want the Pasted text to locate.

Now whenever you Paste, you have to clean up the resulting extra lines or broken line.
This is especially unwelcome if trying to do a methodical step by step critique or support on a quote. Every time you paste in the username part OR the /quote tag, you have to go over it and clear it up.

But it can also apply to re-using a technical phrase, or quoting without using the post quote, or to moving a line or phrase to a different location in the post. The last one is probably the most common.

Could we lose the newline before and after Paste please.
I posted this in feedback and @cclaerhout replied confirming it.
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You will see this happen pretty consistently with other editors. It only didn't happen before because we didn't do any paste clean up, which lead to all sorts of other issues.

I don't think this will be realistically changable but I'll have a play.


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Thanks Mike. I haven't actually seen this behaviour on any other forums I know. It's certainly extremely offputting. Really puts me off posting (which I realise might be welcome!) but I am concerned about my users. I can see this being a big barrier to ease of use.

I'll leave it in your capable hands.


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The problem is with the range selection inside one line.

Example 1:
Your car is blue, mine is red.

Example 2:
Your car is blue.
Mine is red.

=> try to replace red with blue

It creates a new lines whereas it shouldn't.

When several lines have been selected, this is not that important since most of the time it's to copy a whole paragraphe. I think it's one of the reason the version 9 has now Rangy as an option.

Edit: I had put some screenshots of a similar problem (I think) to show the difference between the default range returned by the browser and the one returned by Rangy.
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That particular example is FF specific and should be fixed. The multiple line situation is likely harder to fix.