Editor doesn't work, with adding picture and more!


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Check your word censoring settings in the ACP - make sure there isn't a replacement text that matches part of the image link URL you're trying to post. (y)


Oh, yea. i migraded to new host. I Think that is the cause, but i did it all good. Just downloaded 1.1.4 new, and uploaded it to my host then backuped sql of my website, without addons/themes.


Oh, thanks!.
I think i'll do a total new install with 1.4.5 that will do the trick i think!
Really appricate your help Brogan! i got another question.
I got the Xenforo software on my offical domain site and on another server, when i did the switch, but they both still work?
Can you tell me something about this?


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You are only permitted one installation with a single license.
You will need to delete the one you are no longer using.

You will not be able to do a new installation and retain your data.
Upgrading to 1.1.5 won't necessarily resolve any template issues.
If you want to go back to a clean installation, uninstall all add-ons, remove the associated files from the server, revert any customised templates and phrases and reset all Style Properties.
Also remove any custom code from EXTRA.css.

You were previously advised to do this: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/transfer-host-backup-database.50603/#post-541020