Fixed Editor / copy & paste / cursor focus /


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in the Editor, lets say there is a quote at the top, and underneath I have entered some text.
The cursor is blinking at the very bottom of the Editor-box.

Now I enter a URL-link via "copy & paste" into the Editor.

the URL-link is being pasted above the "quote" into the Editor.

It does not paste the URL-link into the position of where the "focus" (blinking cursor) is.


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I can confirm this.

It's not limited to this specific case either, it's pasting in any type of text following the starting of a new line after some previous content in a post. I've tried it with right click and paste and with ctrl+v with the same result each time - the pasted text is put at the start of the post rather than where the cursor is. However it doesn't happen when pasting the text into a line where text already exists.