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Edit User Join Date by Waindigo

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Jon W

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Just wondering....... Why would An admin want to alter the registration date?
I suppose if you have two separate member lists (let's say, for example, an offline and online list), you might want to make sure that both lists used the same (probably the earliest) registered date, as this is something that shows on a user's profile page.

But very good for those who may need this add-on :)
Thank you!


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I have an email list which I am merging with the forum. The forum was the older community (on VB).
Some members show on both but there are lots on the email list whose Clan join dates go back a while. Yet others are offline members of our House Clan who I am coaxing into the online community so everyone can connect in one place.
I wanted all their varying join dates to be accurate in the new merged community.


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i'm installing this right now & found a conflict w/ your other addon, Ignore What's New. Both addons have a "\library\Waindigo\Listener\TemplateHook.php" file & they are different. this one adds
    protected function _appendTemplateAfterCodeSnippet($codeSnippet, $templateName)
        $rendered = $this->_render($templateName);
        $this->_contents = str_replace($codeSnippet, "$codeSnippet\n" . $rendered, $this->_contents);
and everything else is the same.

for me it won't matter because I'm installing this after ignore what's new so both will work fine. someone else however may install this first so installing what's new would break this.

thanks for the addon.


that's why you "should" use the unique add-on_id in your directory structure (class names) :p
if the files aren't same, you'll have BIG²³ problems:p

and in the case like here (if you're using "general elements like in an framework" you're NOT ALLOWED to change them...
every change will cause problems (like here...)

that's one of the biggest chalanges while creating framework and helper classes with dependencies like here... (don't know how to call it^^)

Jon W

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Both add-in's have now been updated with the latest shared files. These are now in a new format which ensures that only the very latest version is used from now on as it is no longer overwritten.

I have removed the downloads from this thread.
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