[Duplicate] Unread threads ive never opened.

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Paul M

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This is the problem.

On this, and other sites, I rarely venture directly into forums, I use the "Whats New", "Get New" or equivelent. This produces a list of recnt threads that have been posted in. No issue so far. However, if I click on a thread I want to read (that ive never read before), it jumps into the middle of the thread. This is not what I want, and really not very useful.

Is there someway I can change this, Ive looked in settings, but cant find anything. If ive read the thread before, then I want to go to the next unread post, if ive never read the thread, I want to go to the first post.


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What you are seeing is older threads being posted to. They use the database thread marking system, and the timeout is set to 28 days at the moment on xf.com.

Click on the date of the first post, and it will always take you to the first post in the thread.

edit: on vb people need to click on the little tiny symbol that indicates new posts, and that will take people to the first unread post. On xf there is no little symbol to click on, clicking on the thread title, which is much larger and easier to click on will take you to the first unread post.


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This has been posted about several times.

The average user won't know to click on that link. They expect to click on the thread title and go to the first post - just as it should be. :)


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Yes, I agree with Peggy. Most likely the average user won't know he has to click on the time stamp will take him to the first post in a thread, and he will find it strange when he clicks on thread title to find himself in the second or third page (something that is the same to what Paul is talking about).
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