[Duplicate/Included] Forum or Section Specific Sidebar


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There is the large sidebar to the right in the forumhome area.
It goes away once you get into a section or a forum or a thread.
Im guessing that this sidebar feature can be changed to appear on whatever pages you desire.

But how about the ability to have customized sidebars for specific forums or sections?

Lets say i have a site about cars and have a section on all wheel drive cars. I would like to have a sidebar that loads up information that is specific to all wheel drive cars.
Maybe some links, pictures, videos, ads specifically tailored to all wheel drive cars, a list of user generated articles for all wheel drive cars that are on your main site, list of the last 5 posts in that specific AWD forum, etc...

Things of that nature.
I think this would be a nice feature to make the forum more integrated with your niche.
And it can work nicely with the Pages system you already have if you allow Pages information to be called from these sidebars in a user friendly manner.

How neat would it be for a sidebar to have an expand button that turns the AWD forum specific sidebar into a fully fledged AWD specific Page?
You click it and it quickly expands over the forum, covering the forum with a Page filled with AWD information.
I once tried having each of my forums have a tab inside the forum.
Tab 1 would be the forum as per usual, tab 2 would have a Page for information regarding that forum, and Tab 3 would have a collection of images for that forum.
It was a lot of work and i had some initial success... but i had to abandon it as it was getting way over my head in difficulty.

But boy... wouldnt it be neat.