XF 1.2 Duplicate files on first installation

Lone Wolf

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I was doing a fresh install of my development site to 1.2.3 in a new directory but when I was installing it it asked me if I wanted to overwrite some files. This doesn't make sense to me, surely all files should be unique in a fresh install and if some are being overwritten wouldn't this affect performance?


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In some cases FileZilla experiences delays which results in the odd file being retransmitted but this only happens for a handful of files out of the whole package.
If it is asking to overwrite all files then you haven't cleared the old/original files from the server or are uploading to an existing directory.

Personally I don't use FileZilla due to the first point - it was causing too many problems.
I exclusively use WinSCP.

Lone Wolf

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It's only a handful of files that it does it on. It must be what you said. I use FileZilla because it's simple to use for a luddite like me. Is WinSCP simple to set up and use?