Download Xenforo box issue

Robert F Schmitz

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I noticed that when downloading the update 1.1.2 that after clicking 'download' the box doesn't close and I have to click outside of it for it to disappear. The first time that I downloaded, I thought that there was an issue and that is why it was still there and when I clicked 'download' it asked if I wanted to replace the file. :sneaky:


I agree, it's a little bit strange and i was also "confused" about the open box^^


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It may be because people need to download both and generally since that is the way all overlays are dismissed (clicking outside of the overlay) it would allow you to download the upgrade and the new install without opening the overlay twice.


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I would download both. But I would also have no problem with opening it again or generally download the other another time. +1 to close on download.


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why would i want to download both? (upload & new install) ?
Archival needs, maybe you have two licenses and have one in use and one you are setting up for the first time, maybe you want to test a mod out on a clean install vs your upgraded install? I mean there could many reasons different for each person.

To me it doesn't matter if it changes or not...but seeing that it is the default functionality of the overlay classes here to close once it is clicked away from it is just extra code that is not needed and it is related to xenforo as a website and not a product since the area where we download our products is not part of what is for sale here.

I was just pointing out that it is not really an issue and won't effect anyone's site no matter what they do to it , and since it is default intended functionality I don't think it needs changing ...just my 2cents really.