As designed download count (total) wrong ?


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Not sure it is a bug, and not sure it is a duplicate (there's a similar bug reported altough not about the TOTAL download) but the TOTAL download counts are wrong.

Situation here : a single user downloaded 1 times two different version of a resource

Counter for each version is :
v0.9 ; downloaded 1
v1.0 : downloaded 1
<- this is OK

Total download for the resource is 1 <- this should be 2.
Unless of course, the system consider a single user downloading two different things as a singlke download ?

But I don't think so, as it works properly here (on


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It counts unique downloads per user per resource, so this is the correct behavior.


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here you go
I perfectly understand what you're saying for each individual download ( it's kind of "unique visitors") - altough I believe it should be a user setting to decide wether or not to count multiple downloads.

But it becomes really hard to grasp for the total for the resource...


It's not "total downloads" anymore. It's total... erhh... I'm not too sure what it means anymore beeing a combination of multiple unique downloads & combined downloads. It's something like "total downloaders" in fact :)
One thing is sure, this number does not measure downloads anymore, it counts people.

I can understand why you do not count the same guy downloading the same stuff multiple times, but for the "total for the resource" ? Not sure many people actually understand what's going on and what's displayed.

Someone making 10 different versions of a Resource, each of which gets downloaded once by a single person, will see the total downloads of 1, which is probably not what many people expect.