Do you have an iPhone 4?

Do you have an iPhone 4?

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I want a phone that I can actually touch without losing reception... :(

No but in all seriousness, I would love to have an iPhone 4, it's gorgeous. Unfortunately I have Verizon for the next year or so... (Motorola Droid.)


It is supposed to be out, but with only the option to feel super special they let you pre-order and 5 million people jumping on the page flooding it with multiple requests, it's simply a 8 to 12 week wait period. And they start 'today'. So, no iPhone 4 here for quite a while. I am not going to pay 170 euro and 25 administration fee, when I can't use the product for say up to 12 weeks.


I just purchased the HTC Evo from Sprint. I did visit the Apple store to look at the new iPhone 4. It is by far the best looking phone on the market for sure. I am enjoying the larger screen the Evo offers.


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I wanted to get the HTC Desire but TMobile was the only carrier (That I know of).

I'll probably wait until next winter, when my job replaces my phone and get one of the newer HTC's, hopefully with a more feature-rich Android OS.

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Sprint Network :|. My phone currently is a blackberry and goes up for a two year renewal in November so i don't know what i plan to get


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I do, mostly due to work. I've been lucky, from what it seems, since I haven't really had any reception problems with it. That said, I also have an HTC Evo and find myself using it far more than the iPhone.


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No because of:
  1. Price.
  2. Someone being stubborn about what people need and don't need.
  3. These threads popping up everywhere.


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I have one. I'm waiting for Carphone Warehouse to get its act together and announce its policy on iPhone 4 returns, as the dropped call / dropped data antenna issue affects me badly.

Yes, the retina display is awesome and I'd love to keep it - but a precursor to my keeping it would be proper operation as a phone, and on that it fails massively.


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i reviewed one in the early days of its release and the antenna issue is completely true. few weeks later i played with the iphone of a friend that he bought recently and there was no antenna issue!
do you think apple did something to it, like producing a new batch with a fix?


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I'll stick with my lovely Nexus One (Android), I believe it's far superior than iOS4. :)