Do the new Q&A CAPTCHA work for you?


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The old CAPTCHA system never worked for me... So I was happy to try something new... Here are my current questions... The questions are related to my forum subject itself.
  1. Hilde is from what Kingdom? (answer: <a href="wiki/hilde">read the wiki</a>)
  2. Who is Abyss' alter ago? (answer: <a href="wiki/abyss">read the wiki</a>)
  3. Who is Amy's father? (answer: <a href="wiki/amy">read the wiki</a>)
  4. Who is Cassanda's sister? (answer: <a href="wiki/cassandra">read the wiki</a>)
  5. Who is Cervantes' daughter? (answer: <a href="wiki/cervantes">read the wiki</a>)
  6. Who is Edge Master's student? (answer: <a href="wiki/edge-master">read the wiki</a>)
  7. Who is Ivy's father? (answer: <a href="wiki/ivy">read the wiki</a>)
  8. Who is Kilik's teacher? (answer: <a href="wiki/kilik">read the wiki</a>)
  9. Who is Nightmare's alter ago? (answer: <a href="wiki/nightmare">read the wiki</a>)
  10. Who is Raphael's daughter? (answer: <a href="wiki/raphael">read the wiki</a>)
  11. Who is Rock's son? (answer: <a href="wiki/rock">read the wiki</a>)
  12. Who is Siegfried's alter ago? (answer: <a href="wiki/siegfried">read the wiki</a>)
  13. Who is Sophitia's sister? (answer: <a href="wiki/sophitia">read the wiki</a>)
  14. Who is Zasalamel's alter ago? (answer: <a href="wiki/zasalamel">read the wiki</a>)
Doesn't seem to work... spambots still get through.


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Well, you might want to remove the link to the answer...that seems a bit counterproductive. It's certainly going to make a human spammer's job easier.

To answer your question, it's working perfectly for me.


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A human spammer is going to get through no matter what you do. The only alternative would be to make it so tough on them that nobody else could sign up, either. So having the answers in makes perfect sense to me.