XF 1.1 Displaying a downsized picture (1280x1024) takes over 30 seconds


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While clicking on a thumbnail picture, it takes 20-30 seconds on a fast Internet connection to display the full image. I use imagick to process the image scaling.
I'm attaching a picture here to see if it does the same. On this site the image took about 3 seconds to show, do you use imagick to process the files? While using https on a different site, it took 30 seconds. Obviously https is slower but not that slow. Anything else on the site is blazing fast.



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Yeah! Doing the same for me that image, pop-up box loads fast enough but takes a while to show image. Click again though shows right away once browser cached. That image is 553kb, nearly half of 1mb (1024kb) large. That's huge for an image really being posted on web for average viewing and would explain the slow first loading of it!

I right-clicked and downloaded the image direct from that pop-up box, and that's the size it seems the image is being loaded into it. I didn't right-click and choose "View Full Size".