XF 1.4 disable tab for profile message in last postings


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since version 1.4, there is now a tab "new profile posts" if I click on "new posts". How can I disable this tab/function?

My members are complainig, that now every user can easily see what is written in their profile posts. Easier than before. Even worse, with this other members are seduced to read profile posts of others.



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What's the point in profile posts if your users don't want anyone to read them?

If they feel like this, disable profile posts on your site.


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The users want to read the posts in their own profiles. But they do not want push alerts for other users who do not know them to read posts on their profile.

Example: User A likes to read the postings, which user B has written in the profile of User A. But User A does not want that user C, D, E gets search alerts that User B posted a post in the profile of User A.

It is just the way how version 1.41 is pushing others to look at what is written on profiles of other users. I do think that there should be an option in each users profile whether he would like to be included in the search function or not.

Maybe this exists already somewhere in ACP, but I did not see it yet.