Direct Credit Card Payment?


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I was wondering if there is any possibility of a direct credit card payment that's not through PayPal? I'm having issues with my card on PayPal and it's wanting to send eCheck's.


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Someone must be dumb not to be able to see that it is possible to pay with Visa and MasterCard without the involvement of PayPal.
If you fully re-read my post you might actually get an idea of my situation. And obviously if you think I still have that possibility you probably don't know how PayPal actually works.

Dam man :) with that avatar and that post I fell of my chair :D thanks so much for the laugh :love:
You're welcome.
An option does exits after you click though onto paypall login page from XenForo. Does not this option lets you purchase using your C.C.. I know I did not see it the first time.

Not if the card is already attached to a PayPal account.
Ok... why not remove it and see if will accept it. If it does not work, then you can just attach it back and all you lose is some of your time.

I do not the echeck myself, as I had Ashley cancel my transaction so I can use that option.


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its true, you cant pay with a card that is connected to your PayPal account, unless you actually log into pay it. it will give you an error. I've tried it before, previously when PayPal have.. messed up... :)


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How is that true.... I am one click away from getting another license with or will it tell me "This card is associated with your payapl account"... I wonder if Ashley is here today to reverse this transaction if I were to go ahead with it....
Like I mentioned you cannot pay manually with an account that is associated to a PayPal account. And paying with an eCheck can take from 3 to 5 business days, if everything goes fine.

You can always just cancel the eCheck, but the transaction on XF side will probably mess up stuff and you'll have to be in direct contact with XF staff.
Odd, I just got off the phone with paypal and they said you are able use this method (but it is also upto merchant to accept this method). I do remember making a purchase in Oct 2010 with same credit card and not logging into paypal to make this transaction (lost my paypal password at that time).

You are referring to this page?


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Ok, I'm going to formally apologize here, seems PayPal has finally modified it's method of accepting payments. They will now accept you going with the same debit card in your account without actually using it. I have been able to submit the payment without going through an eCheck or using my account... It seems like it's time to get rid of my PayPal account?