different between PHPBB and XenForo Forum.

Budi Cahyadi

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helo.... I'm new user... i want to ask all of you... What is the different between PHPBB and Xenforo.... hehehhee.... thanks


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Haven't used phpBB for quite sometime. Xenforo makes forum activity really interactive with all the little jquery ajax. With like system similar to facebook and alert system making the whole forum very fun to follow. The avatar on thread list is also a unique thing for you to decide if you like it or not.


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[personal opinion]

PHPBB - boring, ugly, dated.

Xenforo - Exciting, Fresh, Clean, Modern, Engaging.

[/personal opinion]

Others may have different experiences.


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When 1.1 comes out I think it'll be fair to say a lot of switches will be made to XF.
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