Robert F Schmitz

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We are in the early stages of using xenForo in place of the vB4 that we were using but I would appreciate the constructive criticism that I know one can get here.

The site is for local businesses to promote their business. Many were skeptical because it is a free service for my community but slowly, folks are beginning to sign up.



Core Freedom

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Hey Rob, just saw your post and site. It's tough getting feedback for a business related forum when many here are 'game' related. So here I go. :)

I like the freshness of the colors. Curious as to why your 'welcome block' uses a scroll. Haven't seen that before. Maybe you can feature the whole block without the scroll?

Personally, for a business forum, I'd probably use a tad bit narrower columns rather than using the full width of the page. For me it's a bit overwhelming or it just looks a bit like much. Might be a psychological thing.

Like how you did that slider ad top right. How did you do that?

Love the 'blog' tab! Is that an add-on? I wonder if it's possible to show even the first sentence of each of the blog entries?

Media tab makes for an interesting add-on.

Great job, Rob!! How old is your site?

Wishing you much success!

Brett Peters

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Hey Rob I did noticed that you had 2 home tabs, Also it felt a little strange going from the default orange on the home page to the forum which is blue, Maybe some extra css to achieve something like this perhaps ?

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When clicking on images in the User Albums, are the images supposed to be left justified instead of centered?

I also think the site would look better if the background was all white. The ads would blend in better. (just my opinion)

Robert F Schmitz

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Thank you all kindly for the feedback. Since originally posting, we have gotten more businesses to interact. There were some issues that cropped up and I have no idea what caused them but reverted some templates, upgraded and installed a new style.