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Lack of interest CTA Recent Posts funcionality added to core


Active member
Apologies if this has been suggested before - I couldn't see it. I'd be surprised if it hasn't.

It's driving me bonkers not having this here when the functionality is so useful on other XF forums I use.

Here I tend to browse through New Posts then go back to the ones I'm really interested in for use on my own forums. If I see something useful in New Posts then I have to be real careful to note where it's posted otherwise it's a swine to find the post again.

Recent posts doesn't lose them like New Posts does. If I didn't have CTA Recent Posts on my forum my members would be driven to distraction with 400 plus sections. It's default functionality on our old platform & the first button members often hit. They want to keep up with the replies as well as brand new topics but have the option of posts as well.