CSS Error: Invalid Property Access


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I enabled debug mode and opened one thread on localhost. Here is what I see:
CSS Error: attachment_editor.css: Invalid Property Access: property: content.background-color
I watched this css file in templates and can't figure out what's wrong.


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Yes, I understand, what did you add? That will help us understand what was done and how to help.
I changed most of CSS :) I created sub-style and made of all of the editing there. I think someone should also enable debug mode and open any thread.


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This seems to happen if you leave a property completely empty. At least a backround property. Haven't really tested it or seen it on anything else so far.
I got it on the header.background property when I changed the color to clear and had no image url or nothing else selected.
Did the same on content.background-color recently and got the same result.

To get rid of the message I just selected repeat without any image url. Just to have something there but still get a transparant background.

Since this only happens when debug mode is on I guess it isn't a huge problem, but still somewhat annoying. :)