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An artist and a coder, very rare these days :) I like the paintings (if that it's what is called of course) looks exceptional :)


yea, that's exactly what i'm doing^^ (but that's not me, my tattoo ons on an other place:D )

how do you call this?

and how is that called, what he's doing in minute 1:30? (taking newspapers and ..... around? google translate said "erased, but IMHO that's not erase, i don't remove anything, i just blur/smudge)


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Very cool :) anytime I go to San Francisco I typically stop by Pier 39 and they're guys out there that do this, they sell them by donations so you could technically give them 5 bucks and they'd be cool.

Looking cool though ragtek :)

Luke B

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ragtek, thats awesome! Are you as fast as the others that do this?
Aside from photography and graphic design, I vlog sometimes. I'm sure I'm annoying when I do it, but oh well :)