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Code Monkey

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This is a RM and an XF suggestion but I figured it should go here.

It would be nice if we could create a "Resource" node. This would be just like adding a page node or link node except it would be resources that homed in that node. They would display like thread lists without the RM sidebar. These resources could or could not be associated with a RM Category. Preferably they would follow the forum breadcrumb structure.

With this feature you would be able to place resources right in the path of typical forum browsing. It's great the way it is for single purpose usage but it would be much more versatile for other uses with this option.


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I'm not sure exactly what it is you're after.
This forum for example is only for add-ons and the threads are created automatically when a resource is added:

Are you saying you want something like that but with different styling?
I think he wants something like @Waindigo's social groups addon where a new node is created for each resource. So let's say you have a resource called "Arcade" then it would create a new Arcade node and the usual Discussion tab would I presume, point to the node with the list of threads. Pretty much multiple threads for a resource?

Jon W

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I'm very interested in creating an add-on to do this if someone is interested in contributing (assuming it won't be added as a core feature).

Code Monkey

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No, I would like to see a new node type. After 20 years of doing this from the BBS days to XenForo I've learned that people are looking for easy to find content and discussions. On this site, everyone is an admin and we are here looking for resources so the default is fine. But on a most sites people spend most of their time in the nodes. And I think as much information as possible should be placed in their path. It's really hard to get the average user to venture off into other things like galleries and blogs and resources.

So I would like to see a new node type. A resource node. So for instance, on a gaming site the RM might be used for mods or reviews and such. Say you have several forums under a category for a specific game. Most of the members that are involved in that game are going straight there and they don't venture off much. With a resource node you would create resources right in the resource only node like you create a thread in a thread node. And they would display in that node just like a thread but maybe different resource specific stats. And when you clicked it you would go to the resource not the discussion. Yes there are threads in nodes now but so many people click them and never find their way out of the discussion. Tabs aren't as intuitive as we admins would like them to be. These resources could be also attached to a category in the RM but they would be homed in the node.

Perhaps both links, resource and discussion, could be displayed in the node view. One over the other with their own stats. And of course it would use the resource icon.

I understand that the threads are there now but when you have lots of categories or resources that may be topic specific but the category covers many topics, it's hard to get those threads where you want them without manually managing them. Even then, people see them as threads not resources.

For instance, I have a gaming site. I may have a space simulation category with sub cats for reviews and mods, etc. Yet some games might need lots of resources. So I have to choose a node to place the threads. I can't choose a node for each game since I would have to create more categories for each game under space sims and then have more sub cats for reviews, mods, etc just for that game and just so the discussions can go in the right forum. It becomes a mess.

With a resource node I would be able to create a resource node within the forums under the forum category for a specific game which would be right there in view for those users. I could also assign it to the space sim category in the RM without having to worry about where the threads are going to be placed.

I don't think the threads for these nodes should be in a separate node at all. They should be accessible from the resource and also the resource list in the node view.

The way it is now is perfect for the mission of this site but the RM is so much more powerful than that I and believe it can be used for many many more things.

I hope I explained that well enough. I'm pretty scatter brained these days having to deal with end of life issues with my mom. If not let me know and I'll give it another go.