Could somebody help me make a portal and a new navbar?


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I want to create my own portal and navbar, sort of like this one, and no I don't want to use Xenporta, I want help with making my own, could somebody please help? Thanks.


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So are you asking for some basic styling help or a completely new navbar in the way it functions and looks?


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Well, most people are at work "right now", and this is a huge undertaking, so you probably should expect to have to pay for it.


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To start you'd need a new route prefix for the portal, you'd need to override the home page and create all of your portal modules.


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You could use the .htaccess to set the DirectoryIndex as index.php?portal/ (or whatever you choose as your portal route prefix)


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You can create XenForo pages quickly via the node manager.

You can create custom pages using a couple of the tutorials around.