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Hi there,

I wonder if there is any add-on enabling 'contents selling' with particular prices based on an user-point system.

I have been using [bd]Banking (by xfrocks) for our forum's user-point system, and HIDE add-ons (by an unknown coder :D) to limit contents view.

This HIDE add-on only asks for user to have a specific number of posts or to be included in a specific usergroup to have permission viewing the hidden contents. It might be good enough for some, but I think that another HIDE add-on that asks users to give points to the content's owner to view it would even be better. And, better still if it could integrate with current userpoint systems such as xfcredits and Banking or the likes, that would be great!

Could xfrocks or other make such add-on?

Thank you all for attention. Look forward to hearing good news from you guys soon :)