Considering moving VBulletin cloud forum to xenforo.


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I see there is a similar question and solution posted, but I wanted some more info before we made the decision to switch.

We currently have a VBulletin cloud forum which has limited bandwidth so we are looking for a different platform versus changing to a vb connect forum and self-hosting.

My question is how challenging it would be to import/convert the existing forum to xenforo for someone without coding experience as I am learning as I go, and/or what it would cost to have someone do it for us. At this time, there are approximately 400 members and just under 100,000 posts.

Any insight or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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The importers are very easy to use.

Just fill in the VB database details and click the button - it's automated from there.

You will need to get a copy of the VB database and any attachments, avatars, etc. and copy them to the server where XF is installed, in order to do the import.

There's a dedicated import support forum where you can post for help and advice.


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Other than what Brogan said:
do it yes GIF by Collider
It will make your life easier.