Congratulations to Chris Deeming


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Aww thank you everyone :D

Me and my wife Laura are currently on a ward waiting for things to get moving. Our daughter, Lily, may not be making an appearance today but definitely should be here in the next 24-48 hours!

You can't post Laura will know that you are busy following and not attending to every moment in labor....throw the phone/ipad/laptop out the freaking window and stay the hell away from here until you can come back with some pics and happy story about how the rest of this goes. (Though, if you can't stay away, I recommend you code an update for Notices, with a mass notice of your baby's birth, with photo, as an update).

Congrats, bro!

Adam Howard

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Congratulations Chris Deeming and Laura! :D

Here is to wishing you both many happy, long, and healthy years that having a child in the world brings. May your current and soon to be born baby live to be successful at everything they set out to do. May they each enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life. May the universe bless their futures with peace, love, and happiness.

All the very best wishes :)


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Congrat Chris and Laura! I am happy to hear the news and I wish you the best. Is truly a lovely experience and I hope she deliver the baby safely.

I am sure this news means less sleep for Chris , I just hope it doesn't mean less Add-ons :D