Congratulations for no more bugs

Anthony Parsons

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This is what I really love about XF... none of this, it will be out by this date nonsense, and oh... we still have 100 bugs in it... instead, the bug list has been completely gone through, clarified, identified as fixed or appropriate, then they keep adding more good stuff just to create something for users to fault find in the next release, which is released bug free.

Love it!!! (y)


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Wish I could start threads with FF9 :cautious:
Come on Brandon, FF9 is still in BETA so you can't really expect them to work around that posting problem. :)

I have a feeling we're going to see XenForo 1.1.0 Final. Could be wrong of course, but I think we just might? Unless they decide to offer one more RC version to see if anymore last minute bugs get reported before going final after that one.


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It might not be a bug though once FF9 goes Final release, it might clear itself up because it's a bug in FF not XenForo. Who knows because it's still in BETA. :)


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I feel safe using XenForo compared to other software I've been using. It's good that you don't need to look over your sholder waiting for a disaster to happen.