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Hi. I've been told I need to renew, and have done so but not entirely sure what I've renewed. It mentioned resource manager but the cost was about $78. Is this just for resource manager? Or is the actual Xenforo software an annual renewal too? For some reason I thought it was a one off purchase when I bought Xenforo.

It mentions Resource Manager. But clicking on download shows Xenforo, Importers and Resource manager. Do I need to download and install these or will automatic upgrades appear in my admin?

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When you renew your license, any official add-ons linked with the license are renewed at the same time.

That accounts for the difference in price, as there is an additional renewal cost for add-ons.

If manually downloading, the core files and add-ons are downloaded separately.

If using automatic upgrades, they will all appear in the ACP.

For some reason I thought it was a one off purchase when I bought Xenforo.
The license is a one off purchase but only comes with 12 months of upgrades.

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Thanks. So basically if you want to upgrade you need to pay for upgrades?
You don't pay per upgrade, your pay for another year of license (extension) which then covers all the upgrades within that year. So your extension pays for 12 months of upgrades plus ticket support. But the extension is only $55 per year not the full $160 again.
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