XF 1.3 Conditional to not show HTML on portal (XenPorta)


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I have some code that shows up in the ad_above_top_breadcrumb that I don't want displayed on the portal page (the homepage) in XenPorta. I figure it's a matter of checking something to see if its = EWRporta_Portal but I don't know what variable to check.

Sorry, I've been working on a migration for 13 hours and should probably be able to find this somewhere...

Steve F

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<xen:if is="!{$contentTemplate} == 'EWRporta_Portal'">
        This Content will show on all pages except XenPorta


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Strange. That's the code I tried and it makes it so the code doesn't show up anywhere. That's why I gave up and asked here. I'll see if I did something wrong.